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About us

About us


We saw following trends in our market research and pilots reconfirming our hypothesis:

1. Customers normally perceive competitor to e-store for purchasing mobile phones or TV; other competitor for buying Grocery – which may be monthly affair, and there is distinct need among customers who wish to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish & food conveniently and thus Subji Mart was conceived and born

2. We came in contact with Krishi Trade, who are online whole sellers of fresh fruits, vegetables and more and subsequent discussions transpired they supporting us to supply fresh fruits, vegetables along with processing facility, warehouse and it was brilliant idea to work with them as it meant working with farmers directly. Krishi Trade helps connect farmers with end customers eliminating middlemen and that something motivated us to join hands, and of course, it made sense to them (by reducing their export food wastages) and to us (by getting export quality fresh harvest without investments). It meant, our backend was ready overnight.

3. The market for fresh fruits, vegetable, fresh catch sea food is un-addressed with phenomenal demand and growing rapidly at CAGR of 250% month-on-month in urban pockets. Plus there are traffic jams / no vendor zones / poor markets / unhygienic markets / time wastages in purchasing fresh harvest and people these days are more comfortable in ordering online or through mobile app and thus SubjiMart developed hyper-local offering of fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh catch sea food on home delivery pivot to help customers do more from their available time.

4. As a differentiator, while there are tight margins on branded products / giant FMCG companies, there is discerning quality and taste offered by home-made food by local or village women made in FSSAI certified facilities and we thus decided to:

      a.Not to stock any branded / giant FMCG company product

      b.Promote only products made by women self-help groups or Mahila Bachat Gats

      c.Help and assist Government’s efforts to provide market-linkages to such FSSAI certified delicious recipes made             by such discerning group of women


The support thus came fast and straight from many quarters and people whole-heartedly supported us. The word of mouth among village folks, mahilabachat gats was so intense, that we almost cranked the minimum stocks of beautiful food product with some good team joining with just one motive – to make SubjiMart a best example for doing good to women in need, senior citizen in need and help promote authentic food products made with love by villagers / self help groups under FSSAI certified hygienic facilities.

SubjiMart today is all women team. SubjiMart is a social business. SubjiMart is supported by Krishi Trade and we thus use their infrastructure keeping ourselves light.

SubjiMart has 3 women as co-founding team and we take care of Operations, Product and Marketing respectively.

Swati takes care of day to day operations, IT, customer service, order management and finance

Neha takes care of product management, sourcing, pricing strategy, alliances and market intelligence

Anupama takes care of sales & marketing, advertising, business development and acts as CEO as well as represent Krishi Trade on board.

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