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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is SubjiMart

  • - SubjiMart currently is not a separate legal entity but part of or housed as separate business unit under SubjiMart which also owns Krishi Trade and Truck Dial as agri / agri-logistics businesses
  • - Company details:                    

CIN: U74999MH2012PLC226274 1203,
Mayuresh Cosmos, Sector-11, CBD Belapur,
Navi Mumbai – 400614
Maharashtra, India

0 92222 5 8888 / /

2. Why SubjiMart / USP (Unique Value Proposition) of SubjiMart

  • - Best for fresh harvest fruits, vegetables, fresh catch sea food, best quality and delicious home-made processed food / snacks and more.
  • - Super convenient. Free home delivery. Easy to order. EMI option. All payment cards / wallets / net banking / cash accepted.
  • - Home-made authentic FSSAI certified hygienic food products. We encourage products made by women self-help groups, senior citizen (destitute / homeless who are in need of some small easy income) and we take care that the food products are certified and tasty and adhere to our stringent quality norms. We are thus supported by many organizations who value our efforts and are encouraged by them to offer our products to their employees and in their canteens.
  • - We are all women team with mission to serve you quality, hygienic, safe food certified by FSSAI. We don’t manufacture any food items and we don’t stock most of the food items. It is managed by superior IT system, Just in Time method and home delivered to you fresh.3. 

3. What are deals & offers?

4. Customer Care details

5. Android Mobile App:

6. Apple Mobile App:

  • -Visit iTunes

7. What is SubjiMart Wallet?

  • - It is your wallet or personal transactional account with SubjiMart.
  • - You can deposit money in your SubjiMart wallet by way of cash deposit or by using all other payment modes.
  • - We use it to refund any amount by depositing in your SubjiMart wallet
  • - You can pay for your purchases very conveniently at single click by paying from your SubjiMart wallet.
  • - We save on convenience fee / payment gateway charges if you pay us not by using payment gateway but by using your SubjiMart wallet, even though we do not charge you any payment gateway charges.
  • - Your wallet is secure, 100% refundable any time
  • - We suggest you make / schedule monthly recurring payments in your SubjiMart wallet every month at fixed date, say 1st of every month, which then, your family can use it for ordering at a single click. What more, you can also avail EMI facility automatic while paying or --depositing lump sum in your SubjiMart wallet

8. What are refunds?

9. Any liability / warrantee / guarantee?

  • - We are not responsible for any loss for whatsoever reason and undertake no liability / warrantee / guarantee for any reasons.
  • - Please refer to our detailed and updated terms & conditions for more information at the footer of our website
  • - At any point if you disagree or are in disagreement with anything you don’t like or appreciate or have any sort of complaints, we request you can log off your account or terminate or close your account immediately.
  • - We are not responsible for any fraud or any delays or any cash transactions. We don’t promote cash based transactions as it is susceptible for fraud in the system, howsoever the system may be fool proof. We still offer cash on limited, no liability, no risk basis as requested explicitly by the customer.

10. Dispute settlement

  • - We don’t want to enter into any dispute of whatsoever in nature with anybody. If you feel anything might lead to any dispute or disagreement, please do not transact with us.
  • - We take strict disciplinary no discrimination approach towards any disputes
  • - All disputes are subjected to Mumbai jurisdiction of applicable Indian courts only.
  • - The moment you flag any dispute, we immediately close / suspend your account and are not liable for any further disagreements
  • - By logging to the website / mobile app / your account or by visiting our site or ordering any product from us, you explicitly agree that you abide to our terms & conditions, privacy policies, security & cookie policies and explicitly agree to our Dispute Settlement procedure.
  • - If you are not comfortable to transact with us or do not accept our terms & conditions, we suggest you to immediately log of from the account and be happy.
  • - We value our customer’sself-esteem and respect them. We are equal opportunity employer and we value safe and pleasant world more than business.

11. How you pay back refunds?

  • - In case of any refunds payments, we do not pay in cash. We generally pay refund as deposit in your SubjiMart wallet or under full & final payment, we pay by cheque or bank transfer.

12. How can I close my account

  • - Just ensure you have strong password
  • - You may just discontinue using your account.
  • - Any unused wallet balance is compulsorily returned or forfeited (if there is no response from customer) if the account is inactive for more than 1 year
  • - Alternatively, you may just call on customer care on 0 92222 5 8888 and press 2 or email to and request for account closure

13. What all payment options are accepted on SubjiMart

  • - UPI / BHIM
  • - IMPS
  • - Net banking / NEFT / RTGS
  • - All major wallets
  • - All credit cards
  • - All debit cards
  • - Cash (in select modes refer below)

14. Do you accept cash?

  • - We also accept cash.
  • - You will need to call customer service by dialling 0 92222 5 8888 and press 2 for customer service and request for cash pick up. If feasible, we will arrange our executive to collect cash and credit the same in your wallet which you can then use to order and pay from your pre-paid wallet.
  • - Alternatively, we request you to visit our office and deposit cash. This will be credited in your wallet and you may then use your wallet balance to order for any product.

15. Is there any limit for cash pick up?

  • - Yes. Minimum value of cash pick up is Rs 1000 and maximum Rs 5000
  • - Cash pick up is only arranged during working hours. 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and only within area we are currently operational
  • - For greater or lesser amounts, we suggest you can do online / UPI / wallet / Net banking transfer
  • - Please note: We are not responsible for any cash transactions which you have not informed on prior basis to customer care. Example, if you handover cash to any of our executive, without telling / informing and getting confirmation from customer care, we are not - responsible. All our calls to customer care are recorded, hence, we have a supervision on handling cash.
  • - We honestly do not want to enter into any mis-understanding related to cash or cash based transactions and we honestly want to avoid getting into any cash transactions.
  • - Above facility is still as per customer’s requests under unavoidable circumstances and on need basis. Hope you would appreciate this.

16. Do you accept Cash on Delivery?

  • - We work on pre-paid model. Means, you will either need to pay beforehand or you need to have sufficient balance in your wallet before ordering. At the moment we do not accept CoD (Cash on Delivery).
  • - However, we suggest, you can call customer care on 0 92222 5 8888 and press 2 and request for cash pick up. We can collect cash, load in your wallet and you can then order. This is as good as Cash on Delivery.

17. Is wallet balance refundable?

  • - All wallet balance is 100% refundable any time. No questions asked
  • - You can call customer service on 0 92222 5 8888 and press 2 from your registered number (login id number) and request for refund
  • - You can write email to from your registered number and request for refund
  • - You can WhatsApp or sms to 0 92222 5 8888 from your registered / login id number and request for refund.
  • - You can visit our office and request for refund and collect refund
  • - Once your request is confirmed and verified, we may request you to collect refund from our office or home deliver it as per your request or do bank transfer if you desire so.

18. What are shipping, tax, refund rules?

  • - We generally charge Rs 20 for order value which is less than Rs 100
  • - For order value more than Rs 500 there is no shipping charges. Means free delivery
  • - Tax is extra as applicable on individual product as mandated by Government
  • - Refund is as per our refund policy available on our website.

19. I want to join as employee

  • - Great. Please drop in a line to or WhatsApp / sms / call: 0 92222 5 8888

20. I want to join as franchisee / open SubjiMart in my area

  • - Great. Please drop in a line to or WhatsApp / sms / call: 0 92222 5 8888

21. I want to offer products on SubjiMart

  • -Great. Please drop in a line to or WhatsApp / sms / call: 0 92222 5 8888

22. What is FSSAI? Can SubjiMart help in obtaining FSSAI?

  • -Yes. We do help our vendors / partners obtain necessary quality certifications including FSSAI on voluntarily basis. Just as support from our side. Please drop in a line to or WhatsApp / sms / call: 0 92222 5 8888

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